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In 1991, Hong Kong Sumo Association is created by the President - Mr. Samson Y.C. Mak. It is supported by Japan Sumo Federation which provided technical support and referee training. Since 1991, we are enthusing on promoting sumo and training Hong Kong wresters. Hong Kong Sumo Association affiliated with International Sumo Federation (IFS) and Asian Sumo Federation (ASF). Now, we have more than 300 members.


The President of Hong Kong Sumo Association - Mr. Samson Y.C. Mak is the Vice-President of International Sumo Federation, the Vice-President of Asian Sumo Federation,  and the international referee. Until today, Mr. Mak also trains the Hong Kong Sumo teams by himself.


In the world, more than 86 members had joined IFS. Nowadays, more and more Sumo organizations are developing in different countries. Sumo becomes internationalize.


Every year, Hong Kong Sumo national teams join international sumo championships in all over the world, such as World Sumo Championships, Asian Sumo Championships, etc. Our teams have good achievement in these Championships. For more detail, please see Achievements of Hong Kong Sumo Team.


Concerning achievement of Hong Kong Sumo national teams, with a struggle, Hong Kong Sumo national team was award the first metal, since 1999, in the Asian Sumo Championships. After that, both men and women Hong Kong Sumo national teams can get a good result in the Asian Sumo Championships, even golden and silver metal. It is an honour to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Junior Sumo Championships are held every year by us, other than participating in International Sumo Championships and training Hong Kong Sumo national teams. More than 150 - 200 juniors join the Hong Kong Junior Sumo Championships every year. In Hong Kong Sumo Association, 70% of our members are juniors. So we are concentrating on junior Sumo training.