Content list                 Achievements of Hong Kong Sumo National Team          中文版


2016               The 12th Asian Sumo Championships           

                             Silver medal in Open-weight (unlimited weight)       Athlete: NG Tsz-Shing, Brandon


          2014     The 2nd International Women's Sumo Invitational Championship, Sakai 

                                The Best Athlete                  Athlete: Fung Hoi-Yan



          2008               The 9th Junior Sumo World Championships                  

                                The 5th place  in Middle-weight (under 100kg)      Athlete: Hong Pak-To

                                   The 1st Women Junior Sumo World Championships    

                                   The 5th place in Light-weight (under 60kg)           Athlete: Wong Man-Yiu

                                    The 5th place in Open-weight (unlimited weight)  Athlete: Siu Sheung-Yee



2007               The 9th Asian Sumo Championships                  

                             Silver medal in Open-weight (unlimited weight)          Athlete: Hong Pak-To

                         The 4th Asian Women Sumo Championships    

                          Bronze medal in Light-weight (under 50kg)                 Athlete: Mak Ka-Po



           2005               The 5th Women Sumo World Championships                  

                                    The 5th place in Women's Team Competition         Athletes: Wang Lai-Man, Ho Yin-Yu

                                                                                                         & Mak Ka-Po


2004               The 8th Asian Sumo Championships                  

                                    Bronze medal in Open-weight (unlimited weight)              Athlete: Tsang Kin-Mo

                        The 3rd Asian Shinsumo Championships              

                                    Bronze medal in Women's Team Competition            Athletes: Wang Lai-Man, Ho Yin-Yu

                                                                                                                     & Chiu Long-Ting

                                     Bronze medal in Open-weight (unlimited weight)            Athlete: Wang Lai-Man

                              Bronze medal in Middle-weight (under 65kg)                    Athlete: Ho Yin-Yu

                                    Bronze medal in Light-weight (under 50kg)                      Athlete: Chan Hoi-Chi



2002               The 7th Asian Sumo Championships                  

                                   Bronze medal in Light-weight (under 85kg)                       Athlete: Ho Ting-Kwok

                           The 2nd Asian Shinsumo Championships                

                                   Bronze medal in Light-weight (under 50kg)                       Athlete: Chan Hoi-Chi


        2001                 The 6th Asian Sumo Championships                         

                                  Silver medal in Light-weight (under 85kg)                            Athlete: Wong Chiu-Wa

                                The 1st Asian Shinsumo Championships                   

                                              Bronze medal in Women's Team Competition        Athletes: Chan Hoi-Chi, Wu Yin-Lai

                                                                                                                          & Ma Mee-Yee

                                 Gold medal in Light-weight (under 50kg)                         Athlete: Chan Hoi-Chi


        1999                The 4th Asian Sumo Championships                         

                                 Bronze medal in Light-weight (under 85kg)                        Athlete: Pang Kui-Chiu